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Roof panels by admin @ 05-12-13 18:42
The roof panel weatherstrip has now been replaced, so hopefully it will be a bit more weather proof. I also added new wiper blades.

After a long silence by admin @ 12-06-13 22:24
Old git stuff continued with a complex foot operation (my clutch foot) which had me laid up and unable to drive for the first half of 2012 and of course in the second half we had the weather, which meant that the poor old vette barely got out of the garage. 2013 has been different with the vette in fairly regular use. I have fitted a change up light which links into the MSD ignition, it also has a small digital rev counter which showed that the original mechanical rev counter was reading 400rpm low, a common problem I found out. I also need to replace the drivers side T top seal which has split, hardly urgent since the roof panels are rarely on, but it has to be done since if it is out in the rain, I get a constant dribble onto my left wrist which runs down my arm and onto my seat giving me a moist bum!

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