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Roof panels by admin @ 05-12-13 18:42
The roof panel weatherstrip has now been replaced, so hopefully it will be a bit more weather proof. I also added new wiper blades.

After a long silence by admin @ 12-06-13 22:24
Old git stuff continued with a complex foot operation (my clutch foot) which had me laid up and unable to drive for the first half of 2012 and of course in the second half we had the weather, which meant that the poor old vette barely got out of the garage. 2013 has been different with the vette in fairly regular use. I have fitted a change up light which links into the MSD ignition, it also has a small digital rev counter which showed that the original mechanical rev counter was reading 400rpm low, a common problem I found out. I also need to replace the drivers side T top seal which has split, hardly urgent since the roof panels are rarely on, but it has to be done since if it is out in the rain, I get a constant dribble onto my left wrist which runs down my arm and onto my seat giving me a moist bum!

June 2011 by graemeinglis @ 16-06-11 12:22
I have been held back in the first half of this year with more old git stuff. An operation on my left knee, lateral release of the patela and an operation on my left hand for carpal tunnel release, both well on the mend now. I have had the vette out a few times having fixed the thermostat housing. I now find I have a little play in the steering which I have traced to the rack, later in the year I will strip it and replace whatever has worn. I also found a slight leak in my Dewitts aluminium radiator which seems to have been fixed with Radweld. A recent charity run for the Teenage Cancer Trust saw the odometer click over 50,000 miles so a milestone reached, terrible pun!

Ive been remiss by graemeinglis @ 18-11-10 22:56
I havent posted on here for almost a year! Excuses; Lots of salmon fishing, Sara's wedding and me growing old. You can see the first 2 in my gallery, the third is bits of me wearing out. Carpel tunnel syndrome in my hands, my knees have gone, my asthma got a wee bit out of control and just lately dizzy spells! But enough of the old git stuff, I have used the vette this year and on doing the end of year service I noticed a slight leak from the thermostat housing, in a move to replace the gasket I broke one bolt and rounded the other which you could only unscrew with an open spanner. My solution is to replace the bolts with Stainless steel bolts, but to remove the rounded bolt I want to weld a nut onto the top of the bolt which will allow me to use a socket to remove it (in the meantime I have been soaking these bolts with release oil) but the weather has stopped me getting the car out of the garage, which is necessary because the welding set won't fit in the garage with the Corvette. Watch this space!

New Year Update by graemeinglis @ 21-01-10 19:00
Well when the snow finally cleared I could get the vette out of the garage. Some new plastic garage shelving was got to try and tidy up the garage, it was a tight fit but and outer leg was just touched by the vette bumper to allow the door to close. Not a problem so I reversed the vette out again and proceeded to re-organise the clutter. One of the things I did was to take all the spray paint cans and put them on the top shelf of the new unit, with the tidying complete I put the car back into the garage switched off snf got out to a smell of paint. One of the spray cans had no top and the pressure of the bumper was enough to press teh cans nozzle into the wooden shelf above and it sprayed matt black paint all over the front of the vette!! A trip to the paint shop saw it buffed off so no harm done! It did have me panicking though. But were not finished yet straight from the paint shopto fill up with petrol at a BP station, I usually use Shell, Up to the BP Ultimate pump and started to fill only to realise it was Ultimate DIESEL! I had only put about £12 worth in so I moved to the unleaded pump and filled the tank with petrol. Its not too bad but very smokey especially on gearchanges. When the tank gets down to half full I will fill up and dilute it again and once I'm sure its all out I will change the plugs and fual filter.

Update by graemeinglis @ 15-10-09 21:52
Hi, its been a while. Matt and I took the vette to the Spa 6 hours races, a great weekend in glorious weather. When I was there I saw a cold air box which would be ideal for the vette. When I got home I took a few measurements, made a drawing and ordered it from our local aluminium fabricator, pics to follow. Today was also MOT day and I was surprised to find a lower ball joint completely shot and the rear caliper I replaced the seals in had started leaking again. So new ball joints are ordered as is a new caliper. I'm off to Italy for a week, so when I return the parts should be here and I will replace them ASAP. I also had ongoing trouble with the drivers door lock, I think I'm on top of it now, but time will tell. I also found that the inside door handle lower screw had stripped the thread of the captive nut, so I drilled it out and fitted an M5 Rivnut, a good solution since the screw is now so much easier to locate.

Spa 2009 by graemeinglis @ 30-09-09 11:48
Matt and I took the Rosyth ferry to Zeebrugge with the vette and then drove on down to Spa. Unfortunately we caught the Friday Brussels traffic jams so didnt arrive until racing was over for the day. We were in time for the 10/10ths cocktail party where friends gave us paddock passes for ourselves and the vette. What a weekend! Superb weather, great cars and meeting up with old friends as well as making new ones. See tha album for photo's

New Splitter by graemeinglis @ 30-04-09 11:14
C3 Corvette's have always had a problem at high speed in that the front end tends to go light. A chance meeting with some Jaguar development engineers last year got me thinking and after some research came to the conclusion that a small splitter added to the standard under chin spoiler could do the trick. The result is in the latest photo's, its pop riveted and Alraldited to the spoiler and will be painted to blend in. The proof of the pudding as they say will be when I can do some high speed runs, very difficult in this country!

More on new carb by graemeinglis @ 28-03-09 21:46
Nothings simple is it? The new outlet for the vacuum has a NPT thread and I dont have a tap for that so a little saga took place while I found that, without going into detail, I ended up buying two and losing about 5 days. While that was going on I set about finding a plug for the manifold, that fitted in nicely with the wait for the tap and ended with my son Matt producing the perfect one from his Triumph Spitfire spares, only took him a couple of days to think about it! Anyway its fitted now and the carb after some adjustments is running well, what a difference! For thre first time I feel I am unleashing the full power of the engine, it even sounds different!

Update by graemeinglis @ 11-03-09 19:53
Been a while but I havwe been struggling withg the carb for a while now. It took me a while but I eventually discovered that the slow running screws had gone right through the carb wall. With the Edelbrock Carb the slow running control is essential to the overall running of the carb, so basically its knackered! I have bit the bullet and bought a new 750cfm Speed Demon which arrived this week. Nothing is straight forward of course with the take off for the vacuum on the Air Gap manifold sitting on top as it does, fouling the new carb. I'm currently drilling another hole in the manifold but waiting on a tap to fit a take off so that I can fit the vacuum hose to it. And of course I have to find a blanking piece for the old vacuum take off hole, again easier said than done, at the moment I'm still looking.

An Update by graemeinglis @ 04-12-08 10:25
Its now December and I should give you another update. Since the Sheildaig trip I have been on holiday to Corsica with my wife and back to Moscow to see my friends. In between I have been doing some routine maintenance on the vette, oil filter and plugs were changed, this is an annual thing since I'm only doing a couple of thousand miles a year. I also had Speed Direct send me a minor mod to the alloy wishbones, basically adding a couple of shims to the main bolts, so that was done as well. A recent run into the supermarket of all places found me with a dead engine and no tools so the AA had to be called, my HT lead from the coil to the Distributor had burned through, a strange thing for an engine and leads that have only done 4000 miles. It didnt affect the coil however so it was a simple matter to shorten the cable and re-connect, but new HT leads have been ordered. Weather is the main constraint at the moment with the car sitting in the garage most of the time, its that time of year I suppose!

Been busy by graemeinglis @ 19-09-08 08:10
Immediately after my trip to Dalmuzie I had a call to go to Doha and I just got back in time to do the trip to Sheildaig. I drove up to Inverness on the Friday and met up with Avril who has the Mustang in the photographs. When I arrived she had just finished polishing the 'Stang'. With me staying in her parents B&B next door there was no more driving to be done so when Warren arrived with his Lambo the beers came out. There followed a pleasant evening sitting in front of the house with beers and snacks from Avril's fridge talking and looking at each others cars. Next day we headed off in convoy for Sheildaig with Gerry in tow with his van (with the stunning Harley inside), enroute we picked up Charlie in the Ferrari and after an hour or so's driving through stunning countryside we made it to Sheildaig. More cars arrived shortly after so that come lunchtime there were about 20 or so sports cars lined up. THe weather wasnt so good though and the midgies were appalling, but that evening those who were staying over met in the pub where a lot more car talk took place. I was up early on Sunday for my return trip so set off about 9am, this time with the roof off for the return journey to Edinburgh passing several other classics on the way with much waving etc. What a great weekend!

Been a while by graemeinglis @ 14-07-08 16:24
Its been a while since I added anything here, but if you look at the latest photos you will see I spent a wekend at Dalmunzie near Glenshee. Great weather meant that I was able to try out the vettes latest suspension mods, in their latest set up guise to its utmost and I was most impressed if I say so myself, particularly the turn in which was awsome. To say I'm chuffed is an understatement. So Im looking forward to my next trip at the end of the month to Inverness then Shieldaig!

Roller Rockers by graemeinglis @ 16-01-08 12:24
Eventually fitted the roller rockers with the original pushrods, setting the pre-load was a new task for me and took a couple of attempts to get right but the end result is good, The engine seems sharper and more responsive. Not sure if it was a damp patch of road but wheelspin in 4th at 80mph is new to me!

New Rockers by graemeinglis @ 28-11-07 14:15
Some time ago I sent of for a set of Comp cams roller rockers. Last trip home I decided to change them out, now I freely admit that I have never done hydraulic rockers before and it soon became obvious. The kit came with new push rods which I decided to fit as well, WRONG! I fired it up and after a couple of minutes of increasing rattles it stopped, when i took the rocker covers off, I had broken rocker studs and bent push rods looking at me, the new push rods were about 15mm longer than the old ones! Hopefully the damage is limited to the rocker studs and push rods. So replacement parts are ordered as well as some really nice billet aluminium roller rockers that I bought at a really good price. Over Christmas I will fit them and will hopefully be a slightly wiser man!

Steeroids by graemeinglis @ 20-09-07 09:17
While i was away last trip, I had my son takes the vette for its MOT Inspection. George who does all my work had to issue a warning notice in that the Bracket holding the Steeroids rack onto the chassis was flexing by as much as an inch when the steering was turned. I imediately contacted Speed Direct who shipped out a reinforced bracket the same day. It arrived when I was home last week so I spent a day fitting it and no flex. Thank you Speed Direct. Whilst I was there I also took the opportunity to re-tune the front shocks and paint the calipers a nice silver.

Spreader Bar by graemeinglis @ 31-08-07 10:22
My son Matt took time off from his Spitfire rebuild to modify the spreader bar mounts and fit the spreader bar round the new suspension, I can use this to dial off the half a degree or so excessive negative camber.

New Front Suspension by graemeinglis @ 21-08-07 08:57
Finally, when I was home last time I managed to change out the front upper control arms for the Speed Direct Alloy ones and fit the semi coil over shocks.
The biggest problem I had was in setting up the front suspension once it was all together. Setting the camber and castor required shiiming that was extreme on one side and non existant on the other. Given that no shims at all is a datum point (you cannot have negative shimming)and the drivers side was set up at that, this gave me a camber reading of 1.5deg. More than I wanted but a starting point.
Turning to the passenger side, in order to bring it into line with the drivers side I found myself fitting almost 20mm of shims, quite a difference!
Turning to the castor, I found that the maximum castor I could get on the drivers side was 4deg replicating that on the passenger side meant removing shims from the rear mount and adding some to the front, even then teh maximum castor I could get was 3 deg, so the drivers side was adjusted to the same. Hardly what I was hoping for, and I guess my chassis isnt as straight as I thought!
I could not re-fit the front spreader bar since the bracket fouled the front knuckle on the control arms, but my son Matt is re-fabricating the brackets to clear these and once fitted I can use the bar to wind off a bit more camber to bring it closer to the 3/4 deg I wanted. When I get back next time I will post photo's, we are also hoping to do a track day at Knockhill which we will use to do a final set up on the suspension prior to our trip to Spa and Nurburgring in October. Watch this space!

Front Suspension by graemeinglis @ 21-08-07 08:45
A hard day today fitting the Alloy upper control arms and the semi coil over shocks. On their lowest setting they have dropped the front end by about 3/4\\\" which is about what I wanted. I need to re-check the castor camber and toe-in though, although on the test drive it didn\\\'t feel too bad and I must be running more castor because the wheel is starting to self centre again. Its only taken me 6 months to get around to this!

Spa by graemeinglis @ 05-08-07 07:40
We are all booked up for what should be a fabulous long weekend! In October we are taking the ferry to Zeebrugge and from there we drive to Spa (about 120k) for the fabulous Spa 6 hours, a weekend of racing for classic race and sports cars, but thats not all! On sunday evening we drive to Nurburgring to spend Monday driving 'the Ring' and thento cap it all, on Monday evening we return to Spa for a track day on Tuesday! Two legendary circuits in 2 days, I cant wait! So you see why I have to do the front suspension like NOW!!!

Rev Counter by graemeinglis @ 05-08-07 07:35
A long time since I updated here and I'm sorry for that! The good news is that Matt continues to recover well and is now rebuilding his other Spitfire. The bad new for me is that my work in Russia has kept me away from hom, family and the Vette to long this year. Anyway I got back on Friday so on Saturday I set out to do my most frustrating job too date! Some time ago my rev counter started screetching an eventaully gave up the ghost, I got a second hand one and fitted that but within a few months that did the same! I ordered a new one from the States and eventually fitted that, in doing so I noticed that my dash panel had splitbetween the speedo and rev counter hoes and at the bottom of the rev counter, the only thing holding it together was the vynl covering. Anyway I fitted teh new rev counterand replaced the dash without any mishaps thinking that would be the last time for several year I would have the dash off. Too my frustration, when I fired the car up the rev counter worked perfectly idle, but when I revved the car, the needle got suck on the 2 little screws on the centre boss and there it stayed! So yesterday, Saturday, while Matt and brother Chris were stripping Matts crashed and rather sorry Spitfire of useful components, I got to work. I stripped out the dash removed the rev counter, stripped it and eased the needle forward, when I was sure it was rotating freely I rebuilt it. I then got a fibre glass repair kit and with the aid of a pair of body panel molegrips, to hold the 2 sections in place, I glass fibred teh broken sections on the rear of the dash. One hour later it was as solid as new, the rev counter was re-fitted all the wiring replaced and the dash re-fitted, it took me most of the day but its a good job well done and no half measures. Now hopefully this week I will replace the front suspension with the alloy upper wishbones and the front coil overs!

Update by graemeinglis @ 23-05-07 12:56
Well things took a turn for the worse 4 weeks ago when Matt (web designer and my son) crashed his Triumph Spitfire into a tree severely injuring himself in the process. The upside now is that he is all in one piece and will eventually make a full recovery. The downside is that the accident by necessity took a lot of my time, so as yet no further progress on the vette. Hopefully I can change that in a couple of weeks when I am home again.

New Diff by graemeinglis @ 29-05-07 22:38
Whilst I was basking in the Barbados sunshine, George of GBL Motors was fitting a 4:11 diff to the vette. He also fixed the exhaust which has been troublesome, by eliminating the hard mounting to the crossmember and making them flexable rubber mounts, he also added a further flexable mount just behind each rear box. As a result the car sounds a better since previously it the joints always needed adjusting and re-tightening. The diff has transformed the car, its now much more user friendly, dare I say easier to drive and faster, much faster! Hopefully now with the obligitory holidays out of the way I will be able to get on with fitting the new front suspension next time I am home. Another problem has raised its head, last time I was home I fitted the new rev counter and on firing it up had the needle stick on the 2 screws protruding from the face of the speedo. So now I also have to strip down the dash again, remove the rev counter and adjust the needle so that it rotates freely. They are never done are they!

New Diff by graemeinglis @ 13-03-07 08:21
I have just ordered a 4:11 diff from Scott, hopefully it will be fitted over the easter break. That should make a difference to rear tyre wear!

Anglo Dutch London Tunnel Run by graemeinglis @ 13-03-07 08:19
My trip to London to meet with much exotica and do a dawn tunnel run, didnt start well with a downpour on the M6 motorway north of Birmingham and the wiper started playing up, eventually they packed in altogether and after a frantic phone call to Corvette Kingdom where Geoff gave us significant clues as to where to look. As he suggested it turned out to be a faulty isolation switch under the dash and a loose cable to the motor itself, fixed in teh short term by isolating the switch and tightening the loose cable. Our arrival in London showed that an exhaust bracket on the crossmember had broken after grounding at the roadworks on the M6 or M25, with the help of some tying wire a temporary repair was made, then it was off to find a hand car wash and some friendly Albanians did an excellent job in cleaning it up, although I was a bit unhappy about the jetwash rinse though. The rest of the cars arrived including an AC Cobra 2 Deloreans several TVRs a Camaro a nice old M3 BMW several Subarus and a Lotus Esprit Turbo. After a few beers and a not so early night we assembled at a convenient spot at 05.30 in the morning to head of in convoy through several tunnels which were done at a significant speed, the noise was fantastic. After this we headed for the centre of London where the vette started heating up big time, eventually having to stop opposite Downing Street much to the consternation of security cameras and armed police. The problem was that the electric fans had stopped working, a result as it turned out of the jet wash soaking joints in the wiring located under the rad. Our journey back to Edinburgh was uneventful with teh wiring drying out and the fans working again, but not needed on the motorway run. All in all it was a fantastic trip and I will hopefully meet up with at least some of the guys when we go to Spa in October for the Classic 6 hours. I still grin when I remember these tunnel!

Update by graemeinglis @ 28-02-07 10:32
A note from Scott solved the headlight problem in that the sidelights are now housed within one of the halogen sealed beam units and the sidelights are purely indicators now.

Update by graemeinglis @ 10-01-07 10:11
Well I had hoped to fit the new front suspension over the holiday period but 'twas not to be. I needed 2 clear days in my schedule, one to do the work, the second to set up the tracking camber & castor, but it was not to be. I also noted that the front side lights were not working but the dipped headlights were coming on instead. Hopefully I can arrange for an auto electrician to look at it whilst I am away. While that is being done I will get the long awaited relay fitted tio the revers gear lock. My trip home in February will culminate in driving the 'vette to London to meet with several UK and Dutch Pistonheads, should be fun since the promised 40 odd cars includes much exotica! Watch this space.

Vette Birthday by graemeinglis @ 08-12-06 07:18
Tomorrow, 9th December 2006 is my Corvette's 37th birthday since it rolled off the production line on that date in 1969. I would like to celebrate by taking it for a long run , but I'm stuck in Moscow so I will just have to buy it a drink and toast its health. Cheers!

New half shafts by graemeinglis @ 24-11-06 18:02
I fitted the new half shafts and the new Smart Strut bracket, took it for a test drive and all seems well. Came back with a big grin on my face. God I love this car!

Update on Half Shafts by graemeinglis @ 25-10-06 14:15
Apparently the delay in delivering the Half Shafts was caused by some freak snow storms in Washington State where Denny's are located. Traffic at a standstill and big power outages. Anyway they are on there way now, when I am home in late November I will get them fitted and get the car out for a test drive. Only then will I know for sure that no other damage was done!

Back home again by graemeinglis @ 22-10-06 08:14
and spent the week waiting on the half shafts arriving from Denny\\\'s still no sign, all other parts are here though, frustrating!. I did spend some time resetting the ignition timing and adjusting the carburetor idle setting using a vacuum gauge, Timing was a couple of degrees out caused by the tach cable from the distributor \\\'leaning\\\' on the coil, so that when I adjusted the timing, by the time I had walked to the other side of the engine bay to tighten the distributor bolt, the tension on the cable had advanced it a couple of degrees. Reversing the coil mounting bracket stopped that and the engine is much smoother as a consequence. The front shocks have also been delivered, they are very nice and much lighter than the Spax adjustables I am using at the moment, hopefully I will have time over the Christmas holidays to fit the new shocks and control arms. Sorry there are no photos of these in the gallery at the moment but I'm having trouble posting them. I need Matt to get his head out from rebuilding his rear suspension on his Triumph Spitfire and look at this for me.

More on the Half shafts by graemeinglis @ 25-09-06 06:52
All stripped out now. No more damage aparent at this time (no noise from diff etc.) New parts ordered with Denny's 'Nitros Ready' 3" driveshafts along withe a repalcement bracket for teh Smart Struts. New bolts and universal joints all round of course.

Enthusiasm! by graemeinglis @ 18-09-06 07:38
Well yesterday my sons and I set off for the final round of the British Hillclimb Championship at Doune in Perthshire. Matt in his Spitfire needed to stop for petrol and I got a bit enthusiastic when leaving the petrolstation! After a bit of wheelspin the whole rear end seized up. See the photo in my gallery, a half shaft twisted like a piece of wrought iron, the smart strut bracket bent, the inside of the billet aluminium wheel scored and perhaps more, Once I get it stripped I will post more info.

Update by graemeinglis @ 18-08-06 10:17
Reading up a bit more on Air/Fuel Ratios determined that for maximum performance the AFR should be around 12:1 so I popped in new jets which were 2 sizes up on what I had before with significant results. Time to go back on the dyno me thinks. I have also purchased a pair of Alloy upper control arms (wishbones) for the front suspension, in addition to reducing unsprung weight, they also give increased castor angles, improved camber angles and reduced bump steer. Speed Direct, who are producing the Alloy control arms are also working on lower control arms, so I will wait until they are produced before fitting the the uppers, since the whole front end geometry will need to be re-aligned. Additionally I have ordered (also from Speed Direct) double adjustable (bump & rebound) shock absorbers with coil over springs to be fitted at the same time. These, in addition to further reducing unsprung weight, will allow better tuning of the suspension as well as the ability to change the ride height. This will allow me to lower the front ride height for additional stability at high speed. I will add photos to the gallery as the parts become available.

Corvette Nationals by graemeinglis @ 28-06-06 10:06
The Nationals went off very well, with a cruise on Friday night to an excellent diner, some interesting workshops on Saturday and of course the show itself on Sunday. I entered the car for the concour's in the modified class, I thought I had a nice car until they started! A scuff on the inside of the T top and that was one point gone, oh there's another etc. Anyway I was surprised to find that at the end of the day I was awarded a Gold, then on top of that my car was voted best C3. What was important about that was that the voting was done by the people in attendance, for the most part my fellow club memebers. Very touching and a tribute to all the hard work done by Scott and his team at Corvette Kingdom, who also, by the way, rebuilt the C2 car that won its class.

Carb Tuning by graemeinglis @ 05-06-06 14:15
Since I wasnt sure I had got it right and on the advise of a buddy of mine with a C1 vette, I bought a broadband air fuel analyser. It arrived after I returned to Moscow so my son Matt (web builder) used it to get some readings. It looks like I am right on the money with figures in the high 14's through most of the rev range (14.7 being the optimum). I only have to richen up the idle screws a bit and it should be perfect. Another wee job to do before leaving for the Nationals.

Wheel Locks! by graemeinglis @ 16-05-06 07:20
When the new wheels were fitted we fitted them with wheel locks I was given the key before we left the tyre fitters andI was going to put it in the centre rear cubby hole but because the T tops were off I just laid it in its plastic bag on the rear shelf in front of the T tops, normally a safe enough place. I took the car home put it in the garage and left for Moscow the next day. On my return I went to check teh torque setting on the wheel nuts and couldnt find the key. I searched everywhere for it but it seems to have dissapeared! So now I cant get the wheels off, even if I wanted to. Just in case I have a couple of tins aerosol puncture repair in the back now. while a replacement is bought.

New Tyres by graemeinglis @ 10-05-06 13:26
I meant to say about the new tyres, what a difference! The roads up by the Trossachs were ideal to test them out, all second and third gear work with pin sharp turn in and getting the power on early, really superb. The handling is now getting to where I want it, time to get it out on a circuit and try it there, but that will have to wait until after the UK Corvette Nationals in June.

Update by graemeinglis @ 04-05-06 20:58
Home again and went to this years first Scottish regional meet of the CCCUK, unfortunately the camera battery was flat so no photo\'s. To make up for it however, Matt and I headed a few miles north to the Trossachs and took some photos of the vette there, kinda touristy photo\'s for all you foreign guys and gals who look into my website from time to time. Enjoy!

New Wheels fitted by graemeinglis @ 14-04-06 06:28
Finally got the park brake cables relocated and fitted the new wheels. I had them fitted with a set of Pirelli P Zero's, 245 x 40 x18 fronts and 275 x 40 x18 rears. I was still worried that the rears wouldnt fit but they did, the addition of a 3mm spacer made sure that the clearance between the tyre and the trailing arm was sufficient. I've posted a couple of photos, but will do some others when the weather improves!

Update by Graemeinglis @ 04-04-06 07:56
With the timing sorted and the carb more or less tuned, the vette is running a lot better. Autocar forum had a thing about 60 to 100mph times, a guy with a C5 Vette (I think) posted a time of 6 seconds, so I thought I would give it a go. At my personal private airfield (ahem!) Chris my eldest son, and I did 3 passes with the best being 7.5secs, so its not doing too badly. Today its off to the garage to finally get the hand brake cable location modified. This will allow me to fit the 18\"x8\" front and 18\"x9.5\" rear alluminium wheels that I bought last year and along with them some nice sticky rubber. I will keep the stock wheels for shows though since I like the stock appearance they give.

Update by graemeinglis @ 24-02-06 17:33
Collected the car from the painters on Wednesday, he did a fine job. Finally got around to sorting out my rich running carb. And boy was it running rich! Thanks to advice from the Corvette Forum on Edelbrock carbs I was very quickly heading in the right direction. I got it a little lean at first but upped the main jet a couple of sizes from there and its a lot better. Held up on road testing with frequent showers, but getting there. Maybe I can make it into double figures with the fuel consumtion now. I fiddled with the timing as per Lars paper, but I am not sure its right yet, if I get the chance before I go back to Moscow I will have another go at it. Not helped by getting a huge belt every time I touched the distributer cap!

Back in Moscow by graemeinglis @ 19-01-06 12:00
Back in Moscow where the temperature is currently -30c, a tad chilly! My family threw a surprise party on mmy birthday with a fabulous cake in the shape of the vette. Fabulous! Washing the vette shortly afterwards I spotted some bubbling in the paint at the edge of the T top. Scott had that problem with the other side earlier and its caused by dampness seeping out from under the chrome edging. This wasnt removed prior to spraying because it is apparently a nightmare to take off and put on. Anyway Scott will cover the cost of re-painting it and at the same time I will have the door re-painted where it was chipped by the sound recordists. I have posted a few photos from my Hillclimbing days in the gallery under Odds & Sods.

Happy Hew Year by graemeinglis @ 03-01-06 16:46
Happy New Year all. My wife and I went up to Glenshee for Hogmanay. We stayed in the Dalmunzie House Hotel for the celebrations. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Superb food and unusually superb staff! Set in the grounds of Dalmunzie Estate we arrived to a winter wonderland with about 8" or 200mm of snow blanketing the countryside. For 3 days we were entertained with live music, then clay pigeon shooting and fireworks on Hogmanay itself, with whisky tasting on New Years day. Long walks in the snow with our older Labrador Kizzi (Purdey at 8 months was considered to big a risk in the hotel)between fantastic meals and the odd dram or two made it a fantastic break. Back to the vette tomorrow although my birthday celebrations may get in the way!

Update by graemeinglis @ 26-12-05 16:49
Went to Dastec in Fife and put the car on the rolling road for the sound recordings. Unfortunately one of the sound engineers managed to chip the passenger door whilst setting up the equipment. Needless to say I was not pleased, even though he said he would pay to have it put right. At the end of the sound recordings we did the dyno run finding that my rev counter is reading a bit low and dissapointingly my engine, supposedly 430hp is only producing 350hp at the flywheel with a similar torque figure. Hopefully I will get the chance to do some serious ignition and carb tuning over the holidays so I can take it back to Dastec for another dyno run. If there is not a significant difference in the figures I will be having serious words with The Engine Factory!!

Update by graemeinglis @ 21-12-05 08:40
Finally worked my way round the IT security to do an update. The shocks were changed last time I was home and a spreader bar fitted between the front suspension mounts, a big improvement. Today I fly back from Moscow for Christmas and New Year. So tomorrow I will take the car out, depite the forecast of rain, to drive it to a rolling road in Fife. This is primarily to have the sound of my vette recorded for a secret project. (More later). It will also give me a baseline on torque and horsepower once I have reset the ignition and tuned the carb I will take it back to the rolling road for the final tune up.

Update by graemeinglis @ 08-11-05 14:13
Home on Friday night so hopefully the weather will be dry and I can get the shocks changed. Not to mention a couple of drives.

Update by graemeinglis @ 26-10-05 07:57
I was home last week and managed to get a first coat of wax on the vette before teh weather did its usual. I also took delivery of a set of Spax gas adjustable shocks since Scott had fitted standard ones after my old Spax shocks died on the shelf. Hopefully if weather permits I will fit the new shocks on my next trip home. By the way its snowing in Moscow today.

At Last by graemeinglis @ 23-09-05 14:58
As you can see I was finally reunited with my Vette last weekend. My wife and I flew down to Norwich where we were met by Di Groves, Scotts Mum and business partner. The idea was that my wife and I should run around Norfolk for the weekend and get 500 miles onto the engine as well as fault finding. The niggles we did find were minor and were sorted as they became aparent by either Scott or Geoff. At the end of the weekend my wife flew home and Chris my eldest son flew in to share the driving back to Edinburgh. We set off on Tuesday at Lunchtime, overnighted in York, arriving in Edinburgh Wednesday afternoon. The car drove very well, the Steeroids are amazing, one finger steering at 80mph+, the gearbox is fabulous, 80mph in 6th equalling 1600rpm! And those VBP Sports rotors & calipers are almost too fierce. Am I happy, Bloody right I am!!

Check Out the Smile! by mjinglis @ 19-09-05 22:03

Check out the corvette kingdom news page for more.

It Lives!!! by graemeinglis @ 13-09-05 05:56
Scott has driven the car on its first shakedown, one or two sqeaks and the rear shocks need adjusting but other than that it went well. See the latest photo's on the gallery.

1st Show by graemeinglis @ 08-09-05 11:31
Since I will be in the area, well nearly, I will hopefully be taking the vette to Bishops Stortford for StMary's School Car Show on the 18th Sept. Several other vette's from CCCUK will be there. Looking forward to it!!

Wheels by graemeinglis @ 30-08-05 12:03
I had a call from Steve Borland of Moving Parts to say that my Billet Vinteaque wheels (see Gallery)have arrived in UK, once again excellent service from another Vettehead.

Update by graemeinglis @ 26-08-05 10:25
As you can see from the last photograph Scott and the boys are putting the finishing touches to the vette. One rear bumper and one extension front bumper turned into sieves when they went for chroming, but Scott has found replacements. Iím back to Russia for three weeks then I return to go and collect the beast. Watch this space!

Update by graemeinglis @ 18-08-05 05:57
The car is back from the paint shop and looking good!!! See gallery

Latest Update by graemeinglis @ 03-08-05 06:56
Just back from holiday and spoke to Scott, the car is now in primer and is still on schedule. All parts to finish are now in stock and Scott is leaving 3 weeks clear in the workshop to get it finished, its a lot to do but hopefully barring problems it will be ready mid September. I should have more photo's to add later this month.

New Wheels by graemeinglis @ 14-07-05 07:49
Just before I go on holiday I decided to order new wheels, since they are custom made and will take a couple of months or so to get to me. I will keep the original Rallye wheels for times when stock appearance is required, but the new wheels will allow me to reap the handling benefits of modern rubber with a low aspect ratio. The wheels I ordered are alloy billet replicas of the original steel wheels and they are 18" diameter rather than the std. 15". See the gallery for a photo.

Vacation by graemeinglis @ 12-07-05 14:28
No updates for a couple of weeks while the vette is in the paint shop and I am lying by a pool in Greece drinking cold beer and thinking of the day! Its getting close, very close!

Progress Update by graemeinglis @ 04-07-05 11:07
The painter has been to see the car and will take it on 11th July, he estimates that he will only need it for 2 weeks, all going well. In the mean time the chrome trim will go for re-chroming and the extensive list of finishing parts has been ordered. These are as diverse as rocker mouldings, courtesy lights, exhaust bezels, windshield moulding clips etc.

Progress Update by graemeinglis @ 29-06-05 14:59
Spoke to Scott this afternoon, the vette is off to th painters this week. Before it goes all the external chrome trim is trial fitted to ensure that they are now as straight as the bodywork. Needless to say the front bumber needs fettling as will the mounting brackets. Once the chrome is checked it will be removed and sent for re-chroming at the same time as the car is being painted.

Photo Update by graemeinglis @ 19-08-05 00:05
More photo's from Scott of the latest progress. Today the body is being fitted permanently, then it will be off to the painters.

Progress Update by graemeinglis @ 16-06-05 07:11
Inside the engine bay is now painted ready for the body to go on in the next few days. Once the new L88 hood is fitted it will be ready for the painters.

Progress Update by graemeinglis @ 09-06-05 07:13
More news from Scott, when masking up to paint the engine bay they found 3 more small cracks, as he says with this car it\'s 3 paces forward and 2 back! Its booked into the painters for the end of June and he will have it for 4 to 6 weeks. Not fast but I have seen some of his work and he does a good job.

progress Update by graemeinglis @ 08-06-05 05:45
I had an email from Scott today saying that the hood had been delivered, the chassis has been waxoiled and the engine bay was ready for painting. Still no new rad support frame, however he has sourced a good second hand unit.

Progress Update by graemeinglis @ 01-06-05 14:28
Got some photographs from Scott of the early investigation and of the engines arrival so I have included them in the gallery. He sent us the progress video which included shots of the properly located shifter, which is very nice work indeed. If I get a digital photo I will post it on here. More or less waiting for parts just now, when the hood arrives the body will be ready for painting. A radiator support frame has been on order for some time and then there is the custom prop shaft. Watch this space.

Progress Update by Graemeinglis @ 19-08-05 00:06
Email from Scott on Friday, tells me that the body repairs are complete and the body is once again off the chassis so that the rolling chassis can be finished off. This is really just painting the new Bowtie removeable crossmember which had to be modified slightly to accept the Tremec gearbox mount. The shifter has also been modified and the look and fit in the interior is what Scott describes as \\\"factory\\\". Most people who have fitted the D&D Tremec, were satisfied with the shifter as supplied. Its a measure of Scotts high standards that he thought it could be improved. Photo's should be with me shortly and I will get them posted.

Progress update by graemeinglis @ 13-05-05 11:01
I spoke to Scott at Corvette Kingdom yesterday, they have now solved the problem of gearbox shifter location and its now located properly and working well. The repairs to the bodywork are almost complete and when they are, the body will be removed from the chassis so that the rolling chassis can be completed. On schedule for going to the paint shop next month!


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